Expulsion of Members from the Group

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders, North Wales Riders’ Group Committee may terminate the membership of any Group Member on the grounds that the Member’s continued membership would be harmful to the Group, provided this does not contravene the following protected characteristics covered by the Equality Act 2010 or because of their profession:

  • age
  • being or becoming a transsexual person
  • being married or in a civil partnership
  • being pregnant or on maternity leave
  • disability
  • race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin
  • religion, belief or lack of religion/belief
  • sex
  • sexual orientation

The Committee will notify any Member in writing of their possible removal from Group membership. The Member will be given the opportunity to submit written representation to the Committee within 14 days of receiving notice, explaining why she or he should not be expelled. The Committee will consider any such written representations when making a final decision about expelling the Member. A decision to terminate membership shall only be valid after a Committee vote.

A Member who is expelled from the membership of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders, North Wales Riders’ Group may appeal to RoSPA HQ within 14 days of being notified of the decision to expel him/her. RoSPA HQ will consider the appeal and may recommend the Committee re-consider its decision, giving its reasons. The Committee will consider RoSPA’s recommendation and has the final decision on whether or not to change to uphold or reverse the expulsion.