There are three membership types: Associate, Full and Group membership. There is a single joining fee for each class of membership.

If you are joining as an Associate, you’ll need to pay for your own copy of the Highway Code and Roadcraft books, and the RoSPA test once you’re ready. You are also requested to offer your Tutor a contribution towards their vehicle running costs at a recommended rate of £15 per tutoring session.


Associate Member


Associate Membership is open to any adult with a full, valid driving licence, who is preparing to take a RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test. An Associate Member will become a Full Member once they have passed a RoSPA Advanced Test. On joining, you’ll receive tuition from one of our experienced RoSPA Approved Tutors.

Application Form

Full Member


Full Membership is open to any motorcyclist with a full, valid driving licence, who has passed a RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test or Re-test subject to paying the appropriate annual membership subscription and passing the appropriate three-yearly re-test. You only require test or re-test tutoring.

Group Member


Group Membership is a ‘social membership’ for those who no longer wish to be retested or who have failed to take and pass their re-test as well as individuals who have never passed a RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test and who do not wish to do so.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. To be eligible to join as an Associate Member (Under 26), you must be under the age of 26 at the date of joining the group.
  2. Tutoring is provided on a first come, first served basis. We will make every effort to progress your learning as rapidly as possible. However there is no guarantee with respect to the waiting time. There is no opportunity for refunds associated with this.
  3. In accordance with RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) guidelines, if you’re receiving tutoring, you are requested to offer a contribution towards your Tutor’s vehicle running costs with a recommended amount set by RoSPA currently £15 per session. This is payable directly to the Tutor at the start of each session.
  4. To be eligible to join as a Full Member, you must have taken and passed the RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test within the last 3 years and your RoADAR Membership must be current.
  5. Full Members of North Wales RoSPA Advanced Riders must also maintain their RoADAR membership. Fees for this are payable directly to RoADAR. A year’s initial RoADAR membership is included in the test fee.
  6. RoADAR membership is renewed annually on the anniversary of your test.

Important information which should be understood by a Group member when requesting and receiving riding assistance

  1. You are deemed to be in control of your vehicle at all times and responsible for your own actions while riding it.
  2. If your tutor gives you an instruction which you feel it is unsafe for you to carry out you should do what you believe to be safe.
  3. You must hold a full licence and current insurance. Your vehicle must be taxed, and, if applicable, have an up to date MoT certificate. Your tutor may need to check these documents.
  4. Your eyesight must meet the minimum legal requirements for driving or riding, as set by the DVLA.
  5. Your vehicle must be roadworthy.

The Group Training Officer, or Tutor, reserves the right to stop the tuition if:

  1. the student’s riding is dangerous;
  2. the student lacks the time to study, practise and meet with the tutor frequently enough to be able to progress with the course;
  3. the student lacks the temperament necessary to proceed with the course.

Membership Form Declaration:

You will be asked to confirm the following conditions of membership:

I hereby confirm that:  

  1. I am the holder of a valid current driving licence and that I have appropriate insurance for any vehicles I may use in conjunction with North Wales RoSPA Advanced Riders training and other group activities (collectively defined as “Activities”), either personally or via my employer, and that those vehicles will be roadworthy, fully road legal with valid MOT and tax. I also confirm that such licence, insurance, MOT and tax will remain valid throughout the duration of my Activities.
  2. I will be in sole charge of my vehicle and responsible for my own actions at all times during Activities. I am responsible for all riding decisions and will make my tutor aware if I become distracted. I agree that any guidance, instruction or direction I may receive during the Activities is Advice which will require my due diligence to be applied safely and I shall not act upon any Advice I believe to be illegal or unsafe.  If I have any doubt I will ask for clarification before following the Advice.
  3. Throughout the Activities I will be fit to ride, not under the influence of any drug (including prescribed medication that may adversely affect my fitness to ride) or alcohol and will wear corrective eyewear while riding if my eyesight requires it.
  4. I will notify the group in writing of any motoring convictions or disqualifications I receive.
  5. I will maintain my RoADAR membership whilst a Full Member of North Wales RoSPA Advanced Riders.
  6. I agree to North Wales RoSPA Advanced Riders using my personal data for the purposes of providing the Activities.