Joining North Wales RoSPA Advanced Riders and taking the Advanced test

What’s involved and how much will it cost?

1. Sign up to join North Wales RoSPA Advanced Rider (NWRoAR) and pay your first year’s subscription of £35 (if you are not already a RoSPA paid member).

2. Once you have joined, you will be allocated a 1-to-1 Tutor for Advanced Rider training.

3. Your rider training follows the recommended system and practices as laid down in ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’, the Police Rider’s handbook. A copy of the current ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’ can be bought at most bookshops, or online through Amazon [link here].

4. A copy of the current Highway Code is invaluable, and will cost about £2, or look online [link]

5. Your Tutor will contact you to arrange a first Assessment Ride, whereupon you will be known as an Associate.

6. A contribution of £15 towards your Tutor’s ‘running costs’ is payable direct to the Tutor at the end of every Tutored ride/session.

7. Your first assessment ride with your Tutor will take you over a broad cross-section of roads and different conditions, and provide an assessment of your current riding standard. You will be marked 1-5 for various elements within the ride (1 = accomplished, 5 = inadequate).

8. After the first Assessment Ride, your Tutor will arrange further Observed Rides where you will be encouraged to learn and practice different skills and improve your knowledge of Roadcraft.

9. Once you have reached ‘Test standard’, your Tutor will arrange with the Group’s Training Officer for a cross-check. This will be very similar to the first assessment ride, and will also include a few questions on the Highway code and Roadcraft.

10. Having successfully completed your cross-check (confirmed you are ready for your RoSPA test), you will be advised to apply direct to RoSPA for your Advanced Motorcycle test [link].

11. A test fee is payable to RoSPA with your application. Payments can be made on-line using Paypal, credit & debit cards or by cheque. Details of the latest test fees are on the RoSPA website  [link]

12. Assuming you pass your RoSPA Advanced motorcycle test (graded Bronze, Silver or Gold) within the first year, you pay RoSPA £40 for each subsequent year. The £40 annual fee includes your annual RoSPA membership and your next test fee, but not your NWRoAR Group membership fee. You are retested every 3 years.

Conclusion: Not a lot for something that could save your life!

Please note: For those who already have an active RoSPA qualification, NWRoAR group membership is £25 per year.