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Hello all, as you can see, Im Stuart, a retired Engineer. Having spent most of my working life, owning and managing a company with my wife Pauline, designing and building machinery and equipment for the printing industry, mainly newspapers, and for the likes of Robert Maxwell (Capt Bob as he was affectionately known), through to The duke of Westminster (Westminster Press) and all stops in between. As such I have been very fortunate to travel and work in some very interesting places, and meet some interesting faces.

My motorcycling career started at the tender age of 16, when it was my only form of transport until I could afford 4 wheels. 2-wheeled transport then became a leisure activity. Many year ago, I took an Advanced Rider course in South Wales, then joined the IAM in Suffolk (SAM) and past my Advanced test.

After years of SAM membership, a fellow member, friend and Observer suggested a small group of us start up a RoSPA Motorcycle group in East Anglia, from then on I was hooked - RoSPA Gold, then Tutor, the rest is history.

I look forward to meeting you all in the future,


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